25 words to let you enjoy more of your life-PART 1

Pressure, once the long-term stay in our body, it will affect our health and well-being. At the same time, it also breeds to everywhere from our emotions and even our immune system. Therefore, in the face of life bring us pressure us how to do good to relax to prepare it?

1. Take a deep breath.
If you participated in Lamaze class, recall the kind of breathing.
If not, try to do so, the practice slowly exhaled use nasal suction, and then oral. When you feel overwhelmed, big mouth breathing.

2. Remember – life is not all serious events. Every problem will not be the last in the world.

3. Laugh, is one of the best pressure reducer. The next faces of comic absurdity, they laugh.

4. Enjoy every moment of the present, bothering to get rid of the future.

5. When anxiety continues to breed, and then got up. 10 minutes can make you change, suction vacuuming, mopping the floor, bring your nervous energy use of the body, turning waste into treasure.

6. Do exercise 20 minutes a day. Exercise can release endorphins. It can make you tired nerves calm down, relax.

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10 healthy habits can lose weight-PART 2

6. Enjoy chocolate
People like to eat chocolate instrument allows Blessed!
The results of a study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine Journal in March 2012: Within a week, eat more chocolate low body mass index of less than eating chocolate.
Of course, it is not recommended that you eat chocolate you can eat: eat one ounce at a time wise.

7. Do more activities
Regular physical exercise, of course, did not say. In addition, the researchers also found that non-sports activities heat (NEAT) – or do any other things that can burn fat in addition to exercise, diet, or sleep outside, – every day quietly burning most of your body fat.
Have a good body of people usually do not like sedentary, they often talk on the phone while pacing, climbing stairs, or even more easily than the average person irritability.
Therefore, compared with the sedentary people who love animals, they daily consume 2000 calories.

8. Stop eating after 8:00 p.m.
That it has long been familiar with the Journal of Obesity, however, early dinner and after dinner no longer eating and to maintain the link between the slim quantified.
The survey found that: When the body needs to rest while you’re still snacking, will lead to increase weight gain.

9. Do not anxiety
Many studies have confirmed the relationship between the pressure and obesity.
The study confirmed: long-term, under pressure, appetite more than the average person busy, and they often can-eat, leading to obesity.
More exercise, to ensure adequate sleep, does not eat stimulants or alcohol, these boycotts of the pressure caused by obesity.

10, To maintain adequate sleep
In general, adults need seven and a half hours of sleep.
The researchers found: if you sleep less than seven and a half hours for a long time, you will be more easy to fertility. Really want to lose weight? Then 40 eyes blinks from now, when you blink to half are not already feeling sleepy? So that you can unknowingly lose a few pounds of fat.

Tip: What is the most effective way to lose weight? Want to easily lose weight and maintain a good figure, and almost impossible to eat a few days to lose weight packages with a whim. Select the right lifestyle endure more meaningful slim. Users who insist on good habits, can not only help you lose weight, but also to promote good health, too.

10 healthy habits can lose weight-PART 1

1. Daily weighed

A lot of weight loss programs recommended diet week only said once the weight, and the University of Minnesota researchers, however, found that daily said weight long-term to prevent weight gain, the better.

2. Do not ignore breakfast

For mother’s exhortations would not he? Statistics surprise you.

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology reports: chance of becoming obese people does not eat breakfast will be 4.5 times the average person.

3. Drink plenty of water

Virginia Polytechnic Institute researchers found that compared with those who do not drink, people who each meal drinks two cups water the appetites will be less and every twelve weeks the (a physiological cycles) of body fat than do not drink water people and more than 30 percent reductions.

Water is essential for human metabolism.

Moreover, water or those zero-calorie soft drinks excellent alternatives.

Quit juice and soda water, develop the habit of drinking at least a year to lose 13 pounds.

4. Eat whole grains

Purchase some brown rice, whole wheat flour products and whole wheat bread.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports: eat much more middle-aged women in general than whole wheat foods rarely eat whole wheat foods of middle-aged women to be slim and healthy.

5. Concentrate

The behavioral scientist Brian Wansink of Cornell University Food and Brand Lab Dr. coined a new word unconscious meals.

The survey results show that: 40% of the calories of food will eat people watching TV while dining.

In addition, with a bigger bowl, jug hold rice or snacks will also encourage people to eat more.

Slim people are accustomed to eating focus on in the food and understand the appropriate food intake.

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How to eat breakfast correctly


First, to have a cup of warm water after you get up in the morning, the natural sweating to reduce the moisture in a supplement sleep, two favorable visceral waking. Fasting drink the water immediately absorbed by the small intestine, five minutes into the blood, the blood flow more smoothly, and also contributes to the laxative; secondly, grains and starchy vegetables such as food breakfast. Many people dare not eat rice, bread or pasta and other starchy foods, and thought it would be fat. In fact, the cause of obesity is the additives in these foods such as bread Naisu, red beans, coated in jam on toast, butter, rather than the bread itself. Furthermore, simulation of complex sugar monosaccharide. Starchy carbohydrates, sugars, can provide energy for the brain to help us to do everything, including thinking, memory, and resolve doubts and regulate bodily functions.
In addition, it should intake of protein in milk, eggs, beans, fish, meat and other foods, because protein is another key to start the brain. Fruit or vegetable more and no less, in terms of fruit, rich in vitamin C and citric acid intake in the morning, orange, citrus. Because vitamin C can launch the body’s engine, citric acid can carbohydrates into glycogen, the formation of power, and to prevent the synthesis of body fat, preventing obesity.
In short, a nutritional healthy breakfast, protein, fat, carbohydrate ratio appropriate, rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, are indispensable. Recommend a glass of milk, an egg or cooked meat with some whole wheat, multigrain bread or a bread, matched with a dish of boiled vegetables, can also eat salads, a fruit or a glass of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Breakfast with, will be able to bring the vitality of the day.

Blind Weight Loss May Cause 6 Kinds of Diseases

weight loss

The weight loss seems to be permanently enduring topic. In particular, many young women, slim build as a symbol of beauty, to get rid of fat, very high expectations. But too far, there are now a lot of people who should not have to lose weight is trying to lose weight, and eventually provoke sick upper body.

Lose weight easily cause disease

Some of the female body is very slim even further “weight loss, often due to limited food caused by improper eating behavior disorders, for example, some people fear of eating, for fear of their own to eat much, and too much dietary restrictions, caused by anorexia nervosa; some people eat uncontrolled overeating and then self-induce vomiting or physic cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract; some people get on osteoporosis due to excessive weight loss, because weight loss will occur rapid bone loss, the greater the risk for the lighter weight. Some women prefer to buy the security there is no guarantee of weight loss health products. Results ruined body. Many weight loss health products, for example, the name of natural, non-Western medicine slogan actually violations and drugs, or even prohibited ingredients. Feel free to add them to the self-made diet pills thyroid hormone, resulting in women thyroid dysfunction; some people eat diet pills diarrhea leading to dehydration of the body; Some people look weight cut down, but the kidney function problems…

So, how to properly lose weight?

Obesity is divided into two categories, one simple obesity through nutrition and exercise guidance. The other is due to certain diseases, such as inflammatory sequelae, trauma, tumors caused by the hypothalamic-pituitary lesions caused secondary obesity. This tends to increase with the removal of the cause of obesity can be improved. Moreover, the weight loss is a gradual process, usually 3-6 months to reduce the 5% -10% of the initial body weight, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, fatty liver corresponding improvements, then obesity continue under a course of treatment. Conversely, if the 3-6 months of non-compliance, the need to consult a doctor and a nutritionist, analysis of the effect of bad reason to adjust the weight loss program.